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All About Challenge Coins

You will learn that the popularity of challenge coins being used as gifts is unrivalled. They actually bear a very unique history. You will also note that there is a set of rules that is meant to govern them. As you choose to collect them, it is necessary for you to purpose to know their heritage. You will get to learn more about these as you read on.

You will realize that no one can really confirm how the coin challenges began. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are numerous theories that are in circulation even on the internet. History shows that these challenge coins were existing right from the ancient armies. To commemorate their battles, you will learn that the Greek and the Roman soldiers would time and again carry these coins. It is necessary to indicate that fans to the gladiator matches would time and again trade as well as purchase them. The following are some of the popular myths about challenge coins.

You will learn of the theory of the First World War challenge coin. This myth talks of a serviceman that volunteered to be in the army. There was a rich lieutenant that chose to mint a coin for every serviceman. This is because he saw this war as an adventure. He also wore this coin. You will find that he luckily escaped death when his plane was shot. It is said that he lost everything apart from this challenge coin. The insignia that was on this minted coin is the one that saved him from being executed by the French.

Then there is the Korean War. It is believed that Colonel Quinn minted coins for all his soldiers. This coin was characterized by a bull on one side. This is what led it to be popularly known as the Buffalo Bill. The second side is known to have featured an infantry’s insignia. There is a heroic story behind these coins. This is because it ends up saving anyone due to the coins from the seventeenth infantry. We also have a theory about these coins after the Second World War. It is assumed that the American military chose to use them to perform a tradition of pfennig checks. This is what led to the emergence of the challenge coins.

It is necessary to indicate that custom challenge coins will every so often be created for a good number of reasons. They can be made for the military or even any occasion. It Is important for you to keep in mind that there are quite a few coins attached to these challenge coins. They will in most cases be passed from one individual to another. This will often be characterized by a secret handshake. It is not uncommon to find challenge coins being used as gifts.